Our Story

Leading up to Christmas 2023, I faced a dilemma. I wanted to send handmade gifts and had spent a lot of time making them, only to learn that shipping would cost a minimum of $40 per package.

Nothing I'd made was too large: bars of soap, knitted hats, and beaded bracelets. Looking into my options further, I learned that if I kept the packages within the size and weight specifications, they could ship as Lettermail

Though these first gifts lacked the same protective packaging we now use, they still arrived safely at their destinations, and I was encouraged to develop the idea further.

By the new year, I had registered the business, bought the domain, and sourced our first products. Before anything went up for sale, each product was tested (and loved!) by me.

I also committed to donating (at least) 1% of all sales directly to Canadian charities — it's the gift that gives back.

Thank you for supporting small!

- Fiona